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Popular Illustrated Idioms in English and Spanish Equivalent

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Language learning shouldn’t be dull and boring. This is why through Español Now, I am committed to making Spanish lessons more accessible and enjoyable to everyone, especially to children. In line with that, I’ve written several bilingual books aimed at younger kids. Get in touch with me in Keller, Texas to learn more about my children's books. You may purchase it  from amazon.com

350 Popular Proverbs and Sayings in Spanish and their English Equivalent

350 Popular Proverbs and Sayings in Spanish...

Proverbs are passed down from generation to generation.  These easy-to-memorize phrases depict wisdom. Los Proverbios son preservados de generación en generación.  Estas frases fáciles de memorizar representan sabiduría.  You may order it from Amazon.com

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Learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills and creativity in young children.